War on Want and the Bitter Taste of Tea


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Campaigning and advocacy group War on Want have just released a report on the pitiful pay and conditions that tea workers endure throughout the world. It’s an industry that really hasn’t changed a great deal since colonial times. In fact, WoW state that their first report on abuses in the tea industry go back 40 years and sadly they have to report now that things have not changed.

The report challenges the large supermarkets who are cashing-in on a boom in tea sales to insist on better pay and conditions for estate workers.

As well as linking to the WoW site – this gives me an opportunity to link to Tom Heineman’s excellent award-winning documentary, The Bitter Taste of Tea, on the not so fair practices of Fairtrade certified tea estates. His investigation found that Fairtrade tea estates were not passing on the premiums to the workers as Fairtrade certification states it ought to and serves to remind us that we all ought to read behind the headline message.

The documentary has been broadcast in a number of European countries and was the motivation behind some work that I produced a little while back

Six Oranges Documentary: Bangladeshi Migrant Workers in Dubai


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My colleagues at Six Oranges have co-produced a new documentary which is directed by Goya award winner David Munoz. Tres Tristes Tigres (Three Sad Tigers) is the story about three migrants from the rural village of Rajbari, Bangladesh who travelled to the Middle East to seek their fortunes. Like many migrants they are at the mercy of middlemen and agents and are often exploited. The three tigers, in their own words, describe how their hopes were shattered by the ruthlessness of unscrupulous middlemen. It’s simply told, beautifully shot and is a very strong piece of storytelling.

Mean Streets – Valencia


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Here’s an experiment with pictures and video. I recently went to Valencia and looked to capture the city with a loose brief of Street Art and the things the tourist board would not want you to see.

There was a fantastic exhibition called Mean Streets at the Valencian Institute for Modern Art which presented representations of cities through video, music stills and film. It inspired this little experiment.

Stills taken on a rather restrictive 50mm lens on a Nikon D80. The video was shot on a £100 Sanyo Xacti. All edited on the ludicrously simple to use iMovie on the Mac.

Go full screen and crank up the volume.